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Frequently Asked Questions


I was going to arrange getting my radiators or sockets removed myself, and I've been let down, what do I do?

Not a problem, we can organise our electrician or plumber to call in and carry out the necessary works. just let us know and we'll take care of it. We will have to pass on the cost for any additional charges.

I have laminate floors everywhere and I'm worried they will get damaged when I get my 'damproofing' works carried out.

If there's laminate or tiles for that matter, we'll cover the floors over in plastic and hardboard before we do anything else

I've got you booked in to come to my new house next week to do some work, but the house sale has been put back another week

Don't worry these things happen, just let us know as soon as you can and we will reorganise the job to a more suitable date

I want to get my walls overskimmed after you've carried out damproofing works to my home

It may be easier for us to overskim the walls we treat at the time we carry out the replastering. Overskimming walls that have been treated for dampness can cause problems, this is because the skim coat needs to be a certain thickness and if the skim coat is too thick this can cause salts to build up and 'blow the plaster'. This can invalidate any guarantee that we give. For more advice just click the button below to contact us

Can I arrange for the replastering to be carried out by my own builder or plasterer?

Successful treatment of rising damp involves two important elements - installing a DPC and replacing plaster that has been contaminated by ground salts. Because each is equally important we strongly recommend that re-plastering is carried out by ourselves and covered by our guarantee (as recommended by BS6576:2005), it is a statistical fact that almost all 'failed' remedial DPCs are related to poor quality plastering rather than a continuation of rising damp in the wall). However, if you wish to consider splitting these phases of the job we will try to help with advice and guidance to your plasterer.

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