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Flood protection and remediation

 Flood Damage

When dealing with buildings that have been affected by flooding it is important to understand the impact and implications of the water on the fabric of the building, as well as the long term implications of the repairs needed.

Too often repairs to flood affected buildings are undertaken by general builders with little or no understanding of the long term effect that can be expected when buildings get wet.

 We are specialists when it comes to repairing buildings affected by water ingress. Our skills are grounded on over 40 years of dealing with dampness in buildings.

 Flood Damage repairs by the Cook Group 

The above picture shows a typical 'drying out' scenario after the initial stripping out works

Provide effective repair and reinstatement solutions to buildings affected by floodwater.

 The principle effect of flood water entering a building is that unwanted water will enter into the structure where it’s not wanted or designed to ‘deal with it’. As a preservation company we deal with these kinds of problems daily and our experience in dealing with rising and penetrating dampness are easily applied to the reinstatement of a flooded building.

 We can easily provide reinstatement solutions able to cope with the damage caused by water ingress. Utilising this expertise will greatly reduce the possibility of future problems. In our experience, problems with repairs by supposed experts relating to flooding are common - but these problems only surface months or even years after the property is repaired.

 It may also be possible for us to use products and techniques that can allow a building to be repaired and reoccupied before the fabric of the building is completely dry without compromising the repair or living conditions.

We can assist in the initial drying of a building.

This is achieved by monitoring and inspecting the drying structure. We can carry out all aspects of ‘drying a building’ or we can assist the drying company by undertaking investigations to highlight areas at greatest risk from fungal decay or degradation. This service can substantially speed up the drying process and will reduce the possibility of problems of dry rot and other latent defects affecting the building after the reinstatement works are completed.

Providing refurbishment and repair solutions can introduce greater long term resilience to future flood water ingress.

 In some circumstances it may be possible for us to undertake repairs that will provide the building with far greater resilience to future floods.

We can use innovative materials and techniques normally used in underground waterproofing that we can adapt to above ground situations to provide a degree of flood water resistance that will be capable of reducing the impact of future flooding events.

You can view our Flood Resilience section - HERE


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Flood resilience systems
Flood resilience systems
Cook Group are experts in making properties more more flood resilient.

Downloads within Flood protection and remediation category

PCA Code of Practice for Flood Recovery This is the PCA code of practice for the recovery of flood damaged buildings

Pre and Post Flood Information Leaflet This leaflet by the Property Care Association gives valuable advice on how to prepare for a flood and what to do afterwards.

Sectional drawing of flood barrier with base plate This is a sectional drawing of a Floodsave (formerly Watertight International) flood barrier with base plate

Sectional Drawing of Flood Barrier This is a sectional drawing of the Floodsave (formerly Watertight International) flood panel insitu


Replacing a School Hall floor

Replacing a School Hall floor

Flood Related Pictures

Flood Related Pictures


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Another patch of stone
Another section of chalk wall awaiting rebuilding
Another patch of stone

Fire door & dry rot
Note how the dry rot outbreak has spread through the hardwood firedoor and smokeseals
Fire door & dry rot

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