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Flood Defence and Protection Systems

Flood Protection

Approved Installers

Cook Group are experts in offering flood protection to your home or business premises. We are members of the Flood Protection Group (a division of the Property Care Association) and are experienced installers for the Floodsave system, covering East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

The patented Floodsave system is unique in that it provides a fully comprehensive flood protection system that covers all aspects of domestic and commercial property flooding. By installing this system you get the peace of mind that comes from enabling insurance cover, even where it was not available previously.

Floodsave  comprises:

  • A proven and patented flood barrier system, which has been tested by BSI and awarded the Kite mark. 
  • Unique push-in non-return valves prevent back flow from flooded drains entering the property. Up to 50% of insurance claims for flooding are attributed to back flow.
  •  Wall and brick sealants to prevent water being absorbed by the building fabric.
  • Every property will be subject to a full and wide-ranging survey to identify all areas of potential water ingress.
  • The most comprehensive training, plus customer back-up and support services.
  • Resistant to salt water and fresh water.
  • The ability to obtain insurance cover. 


For most people their home is their biggest and most important investment.

In regions where there are no civil flood defence projects planned or  substantial upgrading of  Victorian sewerage systems,  the responsibility to prevent flood damage to the property will be left to the property owner.

This is where we can help. Our system is flexible enough to be able to accommodate most sorts of building and most types of building materials and comprehensive enough to enable insurance cover to be secured, even though cover was previously unavailable.

Government & Commercial

Cook Group and Floodsave can provide all property owners and managers with the only fully comprehensive flood protection system that covers all aspects of both domestic and commercial property flooding and can enable insurance cover in areas where this has previously been unobtainable.

Due to the unique way that our products are constructed, Floodsave  flood barriers purpose built to fit any type and size of property, our sealants can be applied to any kind of wall and our Non-return valves are designed to fit into most sizes of pipework (up to 12 inch).

Builders & Developers

As specialists in this field we are very happy to be involved at an early design stage and are delighted to help with building/material specification and design to ensure that comprehensive flood defence is built-in for the minimum cost.

 Watertight flood barrier under test. Flood protection by Cook Group 


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Sub Categories
Sub Categories within Flood Defence and Protection Systems category

Sealing Brickwork and Joints
Sealants to prevent or reduce the ingress of water to the property through brickwork and construction joints
Flood Protection Barriers
The Flood protection barriers are placed over door and window openings to prevent water ingress

Downloads within Flood Defence and Protection Systems category

Flood Protection leaflet You can download our excellent literature detailing the flood protection systems we can offer you

Pre and Post Flood Information Leaflet This leaflet by the Property Care Association gives valuable advice on how to prepare for a flood and what to do afterwards.

Pre and Post Flood Information Leaflet This leaflet by the Property Care Association gives valuable advice on how to prepare for a flood and what to do afterwards.

Sectional drawing of flood barrier with base plate This is a sectional drawing of a Floodsave (formerly Watertight International) flood barrier with base plate

Sectional Drawing of Flood Barrier This is a sectional drawing of the Floodsave (formerly Watertight International) flood panel insitu

PCA Code of Practice for Flood Recovery This is the PCA code of practice for the recovery of flood damaged buildings

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