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Sealing Brickwork and Joints

Sealing Masonry & Construction Joints

You would be surprised to see how porous most walls are, and how inadequately many pipes, cables etc. have been fitted. This means that in a very short time flood damage can start to take place actually through your walls, even if you have invested in flood barriers.

To prevent the fabric of the building becoming waterlogged when there is standing water against the brick work, we treat the exterior of the buliding with a water repellant sealant. In addittion to this all small openings where services have been run, such as Sky TV or any other cable service are also potential points for water to enter the building if water levels reach these points.

In addittion to cable and service entry point, particularly on commercial buildings expansion joints must be sealed to ensure no water can enter the property.

Every point of potential access is noted during the survey, and is subsequently sealed to prevent water entry.


sealing brickwork and construction joints to protect from flooding by the Cook Group

Downloads within Sealing Brickwork and Joints category

Sectional drawing of flood barrier with base plate This is a sectional drawing of a Floodsave (formerly Watertight International) flood barrier with base plate

PCA Code of Practice for Flood Recovery This is the PCA code of practice for the recovery of flood damaged buildings

Flood Protection leaflet You can download our excellent literature detailing the flood protection systems we can offer you

Sectional Drawing of Flood Barrier This is a sectional drawing of the Floodsave (formerly Watertight International) flood panel insitu

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Fire door & dry rot

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