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Cavity Membrane Tanking systems

Cavity Membranes

What is a Cavity Membrane system?

Cavity Membrane waterproofing systems are generally known as a  Type C system under the British Standard BS 8102 : 2009.

These systems are more of a water management system, they don't actually stop ground water ingressing into a property, what they do (and extremely well) is stop water and water vapour entering the living space of a below ground structure.

The systems generally incorporate a sump & pump system so basically when ground water enters a building, the membrane and channels move the water into the sump, where it is then pumped out of the property.


Our smallest basement conversion

Our smallest basement conversion

Cavity Membrane Basement Conversion

Cavity Membrane Basement Conversion


Todays Featured Images
Todays featured Gallery Images

Cleaning in progress
This shows the difference between the original coating and the untreated chalk stone awaiting its primer coat
Cleaning in progress

Firedoors & dry rot
Note how the outbreak has spread through a fire door
Firedoors & dry rot

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