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Suretherm thermal anti condensation paint is here

18 Jun 2013 by cook
That's right the Suretherm thermal anti condensation paint is HERE NOW!

Suretherm thermal anti condensation paint

Suretherm is finally here, we've been  field testing (they were houses actually!) this fantastic product over the last 12 months in conjunction with the manufacturer N virol. follow the link to go to our online shop HERE

What is it?  

Suretherm is a purpose made anti condensation paint, what is unique about it is its 'secret ingredient' these are tiny glass spheres about the thickness of a human hair and the way this product is blended

It is these tiny glass bubbles that give the paint its excellent thermal insulation properties.

Where can I use it?

Suretherm is ideal for applying to the following

  • Solid walls
  • Window reveals
  • Bay ceilings
  • Bathroom & kitchen ceilings (in fact any ceilings)
  • You can apply to bricks, plaster, blocks

 Suretherm thermal anit condensation paint

Available from our online shop NOW!


Click on the Suretherm Link to take you to our online shop - HERE

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