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Swimming Pool Problems

Swimming Pool Problems


We solved a problem with flaking paint and heavy salt migration to a swimming pool

This local authority school swimming pool had been suffering from flaking paint caused by aggressive salt migration around the pool side for several years.

The problems were compounded by the constantly high humidity and to the original walls a rising dampness problem.

We solved the rising dampness problem by installing a new damp proof course using Wykamol Ultracure.

We then prepared the walls, made good the joints and spalled bricks and applied MC Zentrifix GM 25 which is a mortar repair system with excellent resistence to temperature fluctuations.

Then we applied MC Emcephob Nanoperm P which is a water based paint coating which has excellent salt resistant qualities,is carbonation inhibiting and scratch resistant. If that wasn’t enough the product also offers excellent anti graffiti protection.

The result one salt resistant, pupil resistant and aesthetically pleasing pool side!


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Here you can see the damage caused

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