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Nothing could be further from the truth! If you have a problem with rising damp we’ll tell you. If you DON’T have a problem with rising damp we’ll tell you that too!

We have solutions to almost every type of ‘damp’ problem you can encounter in a property, even if it’s just free honest advice!

Absolutely NOT, our change of name is exactly that, a name change to reflect the increase in services we now offer! Our company registration number and VAT registration number are both the same from when we started in 1974!

Use the contact us page and we’ll send you a copy of our change of name certificate from companies house if you like, or check it out at companies house

In the first instance, you will probably have already paid out good money for a valuation survey or even a homebuyers type report. What usually happens is that they will have found something such as suspected Rising Damp or Beetle Infestation / Rot that they think needs further attention from a specialist surveyor. We then need to survey the property to identify the type of Dampness / Infestation / Rot and specify a solution to solve the problem. This could be preservation treatments or simply reassurance from an expert that there are no problems to worry about!

Nothing in life is free !, some companies have been known to go out and quote for works that aren’t necessary to warrant their time carrying out your free survey

A question that we get on a regular basis. Quite simply it’s a question that’s impossible to answer over the phone. there are so many things that can affect the price like is plastering necessary? what type of dampness is it? are there floor coverings? are there skirtings fitted? are there radiators, electrical sockets or kitchen units?. The list goes on!

The easiest thing to do is to give us a call on 01482 343251 and arrange for one of our surveyors to call round.

Not the case at all! The treatments we use now are virtually odour free. The most you will usually need to do is keep away from the area being treated for a couple of hours

In a word NO!

If your floor is affected by wet rot, the only course of action is to replace it with new timber.

In a word YES, occasionally replastering isn’t needed or can be postponed till a later date

It may be easier for us to overskim the walls we treat at the time we carry out the replastering. Otherwise, you should leave overskimming treated walls for a minimum of 6 months to 1 year, it could even be up to 2 years.

This is decided by how wet the wall was before we treat it, how thick the wall is, how quickly the wall dries out etc. Unfortunately, it’s not an exact science.

BS: 6576 – 2005 is the Code of practice for the diagnosis of rising damp in walls of buildings and installation of chemical damp-proof courses published by the British Standards Institution. This is the standard we work to.

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Frequently Asked Questions 10th January 2019