Deposit and Work-in-Progress Insurance

Cook Group ltd is a member of the TrustMark scheme. TrustMark is an initiative between government, consumer groups and industry designed to help people find reputable firms to do repair, maintenance and improvement work in the home.

TrustMark is based around a set of Government endorsed standards for trade associations, certification bodies and other organisations that wish to become approved scheme operators. Only approved scheme operators are allowed to award the TrustMark to registered firms. TrustMark publishes its standards for everyone to see. A copy of the Core Approval Criteria can be downloaded from the publications section of the TrustMark web site.

When a firm displays the TrustMark logo it signifies that:-

      • The Approved Scheme Operator has carried out basic checks on the firm’s technical competence, trading record and creditworthiness (including on-site inspections)
      • The firm has signed up to an appropriate code of practice that includes mandatory insurance (e.g. employers’ liability and public liability insurance), good health and safety practices and proper dealing with customers
      • Its quality of work, trading practices and customer satisfaction are checked and monitored at regular intervals by the Approved Scheme Operator
      • The firm will make sure the customer is made aware of any Building Regulations issues
      • If the customer has a problem or disagreement with a registered firm, the Approved Scheme Operator will investigate where appropriate and try to resolve the issue
      • And if the firm does not provide insurance cover automatically, the customer has the option to buy a warranty covering the possibility of the firm going out of business
      • Firms will be vetted and monitored against recognised British, international or industry standards. In other words, the firm’s standard of workmanship should be what is generally considered good practice.

As a member of the TrustMark scheme we are required to offer insurance to private domestic clients to protect:-

      • Deposits (only if taken)
      • Work-in-progress (WIP)
      • Guarantees

The offer of insurance is a requirement for any job over £250 including VAT, up to £50,000 including VAT (but excludes the cost of any installed equipment covered by a manufacturer’s warranty). Lower and higher value contracts may be covered by special arrangement.

The charges for deposit, WIP and  guarantee insurance are shown as optional and separate items in the quotations we issue.

All of the above are provided as an addition to the statutory rights conveyed in law.

All insurance policies and guarantees have conditions and these need to be carefully read and understood by our clients. Specimen policies and guarantees are available from our office on request.

Work in progress insurance 8th January 2019