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The Drimaster 5+5 Unit
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How The PIV Works

The air drawn through the loft is tempered by the heat that exists in all lofts. This heat comes from solar gain combined with heat that is conducted through the ceiling of the home. As the air passes through the diffuser it re-circulates the lost heat that gathers at ceiling level.

Old contaminated vapour laden air in the home is continuously diluted and displaced through the leakage points that are found in all houses. This is replaced with fresh tempered air creating an environment in which condensation dampness cannot exist.

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    Cold Incoming Air
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    Tempered Air
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    Reclaimed Air
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    Warm Circulated Air
  • Temperature sensor integral to unit in loft
  • Small attractive temperature sensor providing optional unit/filter status indication in the living space

The Definitive ‘Drimaster’ brochure – This is the excellent Brochure from Nuaire

How much it costs

  • Drimaster 2000 utilises the very latest technology to reduce power consumption to less than one penny a day*
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Intelligent heat recovery via twin sensors optimises energy efficiency

The Drimaster range of units come with a 5 YEAR parts and labour warranty

The Genie range of extractor fans come with a 3 YEAR parts and labour warranty

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Your questions answered

In normal operation, you don’t. The unit is completely automatic, switching itself from ‘condensation control’ to ‘heat recovery’ and ‘standby’ mode as required to make optimum use of energy. You decide when to operate the boost switch to provide generous amounts of filtered fresh air, perhaps during warm weather or times when indoor air quality is particularly poor.

When you consider the advantages the unit will provide for you and the other occupants, the running costs are insignificant.

On ‘medium’ setting the electrical consumption will be around a penny a day. It should, however, be remembered that the unit is making use of heat in both the loft and at ceiling level that otherwise is lost. The unit will switch itself off when temperatures are such that condensation would not occur within your home e.g. in the summertime.

Very little. The only maintenance required is the replacement of the filters every 5 years (under normal conditions).

A flashing red light will show on the remote box.

The unit motor may be almost inaudible but you should notice a change of atmosphere in the hallway within a day or so.

Within a few weeks any mould should start to dry out and eventually become a grey powder which can easily be cleaned. After a month your home will be a healthier environment free from severe condensation dampness.

A permanent red light will show on the remote sensor in the unlikely event there is a fault with the unit.

The installation of the unit alone will provide a remarkable improvement in any home. Some homes with extraordinary high levels of moisture generation or of non standard layout occasionally require additional enhancement measures to effect a complete solution. We will provide further details if applicable.

PIV Units 9th January 2019