Flood Protection Panels

Most people assume that the majority of flood damage is done via water entry through doors, windows, airbricks etc.
Whilst this may not be the case, it is no surprise that the most popular forms of flood defence are barrier based systems, such as sandbags.
Floodsave have developed a unique, patented, re-useable and totally demountable barrier technology that can protect your property up to first floor level.
The barriers have been tested by BSI to the current standard PAS 1188/2009.
The product was awarded the BSI KItemark in February 2010. 
The barriers are constructed from up to 95% recycled materials, (predominantly from UPVC Windows), in the UK and are available in a range of sizes to cover all openings, from the very smallest to the largest.
All products are manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Standard
Being totally demountable they are also highly unobtrusive leaving behind no unsightly framework, yet are easy and speedy to fit with a supplied toolkit, storage trolley and training manual and support.

Flood Protection Panels are available for:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Airbricks
  • Garage Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Bay Windows
  • Meter Housings (Utility Meters)
  • Cable TV/Satellite boxes
  • Openings in garden walls & bunds
Flood Protection Barriers 9th January 2019