Pre Purchase Damp & Timber Survey

You’re buying your dream home, you’ve agreed a price with the vendors, your mortgage lender have sent the chartered surveyor or valuer to inspect and value the property, you wait for the report with trepidation and then you are informed that you need a damp & timber survey.


  • PCA Preservation Survey White Paper – This is the PCA preservation survey white paper which explains what explains what you should expect from a pre-purchase damp and timber survey

What is a Damp and Timber Survey?

A damp and timber survey is pretty much what it sounds like, it is a survey on a property to determine whether there is any ‘damp’ and if so what type of dampness it is. The same applies to the structural timbers, this is to check the floor timbers to determine whether there is any wood boring beetle infestation or rot.

Most of the time a pre purchase damp and timber survey is needed following a general survey by the bank or building society chartered surveyor, he or she should be considered much like a GP at a doctors surgery, they have to have a good knowledge on a lot of things and once they identify a problem they will then refer the patient to a specialist who has a strong knowledge on their chosen subject

A pre purchase damp & timber survey carried out by Cook Group ltd will cover the following things

  • Inspection for Rising damp & penetrating damp
  • Inspect the wooden floors for rot and beetle infestation
  • Assess whether sub floor ventilation is adequate
  • Inspect the roof timbers for rot and beetle infestation
  • Pass comments on the visible condition of roof coverings and rainwater goods
  • Inspect the property for signs of any condensation related issues
  • Assess the existing ventilation strategy in the property, such as checking the
  • right type of extractor fans are fitted
  • Inspect the basement for signs of water ingress (if there is one of course)
  • Pass comment on the general condition of the building

All the above are of course subject to your instruction and requirements. The most important aspect for any survey is whether access within the property is available, surveys will always be limited by things such as dry lining, laminate floor coverings and carpets.

However we use mini cameras, endoscopes, ladders, dual mode moisture meters, mirrors even binoculars to try and see as much of a property during a survey as we possibly can.

I've already had to pay for a survey!

The chances are that you’ve had to pay for a mortgage valuation, (this is for your bank or building societies benefit), or you might have paid for a chartered surveyor to carry out a ‘home buyers report’. If a damp & timber report has been specified as a result of these reports this is because the surveyor has identified a potential problem that needs further investigation by a specialist. A suitable example is that you go to your GP with a problem, if he or she isn’t sure how to deal with it they will refer you to a consultant who specialises in the specific problem.

Do you charge?


We will make a charge, this depends on the area, the size of the property and what you want us to inspect, costs usually range between £100 – £250 + VAT, sometimes this may be more, sometimes less.

We charge for the simple reason that having a highly qualified and experienced surveyor turning up at the door costs us money! Not to mention several thousand pounds worth of surveying equipment in the surveyors boot.

Also if there isn’t a problem (i.e. there is no work for us to quote for) we will tell you. This is, of course, great for you because you’re not paying for unnecessary work (we wouldn’t have it any other way!) but we do need to cover our costs.

Why Use Cook Group ltd?

  • All of our surveyors hold the CSRT (Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatments) and the CSSW (Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing) qualifications.
  • We are also long standing members of the Property Care Association and we are vetted on a regular basis.
  • We carry £2000,000 Professional Indemnity insurance cover.
  • Our surveyors have over 60 cumulative years of experience.
  • We have been established since 1974, (same company registration & VAT number!)
  • We have extensive local knowledge of the housing stock in the East Yorkshire & Nth Lincolnshire areas
  • We do NOT pay our surveyors on commission, never have & never will!

Most importantly if we think a job does NOT need doing then we’ll tell you!

Pre Purchase Damp and Timber Reports 10th January 2019